The Ultimate Newborn Baby Checklist – Including a Free Printable Version

The Ultimate Newborn Baby Checklist – Including a Free Printable Version

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First of all, congratulations on your pregnancy! How exciting! And nerve-wracking at the same time … I remember when we were expecting the arrival of our first baby: we were so happy and anxious at the same time. And one of the things that we found to be quite stressful was figuring out if we had all we needed for the baby. That’s when a newborn baby checklist printable comes in very handy!

Most people prefer to wait for the baby shower before buying anything that they still need. Others, such as myself, can’t resist some shopping before the event. Either way, you can use my printable checklist as a guide for your baby registry, or to figure out what’s left after you’ve received all the presents.

And don’t forget that you don’t need to buy everything new! Second-hand cloths and items are a perfect solution for a new baby. You won’t believe how easy it is to find things in near-new conditions for a newborn!

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If you are having a baby shower and/or creating a baby registry, make sure to look into Amazon’s awesome baby registry, super easy to set up and it includes a FREE welcome box for parents, as well as a 10% completion discount on items left on your registry (15% off for Prime members).

Create your Baby Registry on Amazon<- here.

Newborn Baby Checklist

Here’s my ultimate newborn baby checklist, which includes all items that you will need for baby and some personal observations.

The list focuses on items for a newborn, so it covers more or less everything that you need for the first 3 months of life. Some of them are not absolute essentials and you can live without them (like the changing table, for example), so choose wisely what you need if you are on a tight budget.

Also, you may not need everything in here, depending on what you plan on doing. For example, you won’t need formula if you plan on breastfeeding!

If you just want to grab the printable version, scroll to the bottom 🙂

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Baby’s Clothes

baby onesies

Here’s a list of essential clothes you will need for your newborn:

  • 4-8 Bodysuits / Onesies: short sleeves for warm weather or long sleeves for cold weather. I actually put a short sleeve one under a long sleeve bodysuit when very cold.
  • 4-8 One-piece Footed Pajamas / Onesies. You have the choice of either zip or buttons to close these, and I highly recommend a two-way zip onesie (that either opens from the top or bottom) like this one here: makes it so much easier for diaper changes at night!
  • 2-4 Sweaters: buy more if living in colder temperatures.
    PS I found that lots of people still love to knit and gift sweaters, so don’t buy too many!
  • 4-8 Pants
  • 4-6 Socks
  • 2 Beanies for winter, or hats for summer. That said, you might want a beanie for the hospital, even if it’s summer, as the hospital can be very cold for a baby that’s just come into the world.

For more information on what you pack in your hospital bag, check my Hospital Bag Checklist.

  • 3 No-scratch Mittens
  • 1 Going Home Outfit, if you want something special for when coming back home from the hospital or birthing center.
  • One-piece Jumpsuit or Snowsuit if very cold weather: this makes it so much easier to keep your baby warm, instead of a jacket with a blanket on their legs. Lots of very cute ones that you can find on Amazon like this one here.
baby in snowsuit
My daughter Michaela getting ready to go out in her snowsuit

What I found very tricky with clothes is figuring out the size!

Of course you won’t know the exact size of your baby until they arrive in this world, but also same-size clothes from different brands can sometimes be so different, which is extremely confusing!

I would highly recommend focusing on size 0-3 months, but also have a few newborn-size clothes (which is smaller than 0-3 months!). Really don’t buy too many of these, as your baby will outgrow them in no time.

Other personal observations:

  • One-piece footed pajamas and onesies/pants are quite interchangeable during the newborn phase. It is sometimes so much easier to transfer your sleeping baby from the bassinet to the car without having to change them. Unless you are one of those parents that won’t go outside with a newborn in a pajama 🙂
  • Newborns tend to poo A LOT, and their poos are extremely liquid (particularly if you are breastfeeding), so you may find yourself going through quite a lot of different outfits. However, don’t go overboard buying tons of clothes: start small and then build up later on if needed.
  • Consider how often you plan on doing the washing. I personally wash every day because I also use cloth diapers. Some people wash every 2-3 days.



Here’s a list of items you will need for the nursery, or for your room if you decide baby is going to sleep with you at the beginning:

  • Nursing Chair: this one is not a must, though it’s definitely a favorite for most moms. It can be particularly helpful if you plan on having baby in his/her own room and feed them there.
    We had one for our first daughter, who was bottle fed in her room. Whereas with our second daughter I found it to be much easier to just breastfeed in bed, as she was sleeping in our room.
  • Crib / Bassinet / Co-Sleeper: the choice is yours. I would definitely recommend a bassinet or co-sleeper for the very first few months (usually 4 months), and then move your baby to a crib. However, some moms put their babies straight into a crib.
    I absolutely loved using the Chicco Next2Me co-sleeper, it made breastfeeding at night so much easier! I wish we did the same with our first daughter, instead of putting her on a bassinet separate from the bed.

Buy the Chicco Next2Me Co-sleeper on Amazon <- here.

  • Mattress for the crib or bassinet / co-sleeper.
  • 2-3 Fitted Sheets: get at least 2, so that you have a spare change for when baby burps or leaks through the diaper.
  • 2 Washable and Waterproof Mattress Protectors: you definitely want these to avoid any stain or smell to get on the mattress. Again, get 2, so you have a change.
    One trick I learnt with my first daughter? Put both on, and just take the top one off if it gets dirty! Avoids trying to put a clean one on in the middle of the night.
  • 2-3 Baby Blankets: I personally used baby blankets for my daughters until they were about 4-5 months and started rolling. Plus both my daughters hated swaddling. However, a swaddle is usually recommended for the first weeks of life. And once baby starts rolling, you can use a sleeping bag.

For more information on swaddles, sleeping bags, and how to dress baby for sleep in general, refer to this related article: How to Dress Baby for Sleep.

  • Crib Mobile: it will take a little while for your baby to start seeing this, but once they do, it’s a nice entertainment for them to have.
  • Baby Monitor: I really recommend getting one for your peace of mind. There are so many different options our there: with just audio, with video as well, with WiFi or no WiFi, with temperature reader, etc.
    We started with just an audio monitor, thinking that was going to be enough. But now we’ve ended up having 2 video monitors (one for each of our daughters) that can also read the room temperature! It’s so much nicer to relax on the couch in the evening, being able to see that they are OK.
    Check out the Motorola Baby Video Monitor on Amazon <- here.
  • White Noise Machine: I also really recommend getting one of these. They really help your baby associate the noise to sleeping time, so it becomes easier to put them to sleep while still awake and let them self-settle. You’ll really want to teach them how to do this when they hit the 4 month sleep regression, trust me! F
    or more information on the sleep regression and how the white noise machine can help, click here.
    I personally use the Hushh Portable White Noise Machine and I love the fact that I can hook it on the car seat or stroller when I am out.
    Check out the Hushh Portable White Noise Machine on Amazon <- here.
  • Night Light: having a dimmed light in the room makes it so much easier to settle your baby when putting them to sleep. And will make them feel safer in the room when they grow older.
    I use an Himalayan Salt Lamp, which is said to emit a stream of negative ions that can purify the air against allergens and pollutants to relieve stress. Plus it’s pink, so perfect for our daughter’s room.

Diapering & Changing

diapering changing station
  • Diapers: aim for about 50 newborn diapers to start with. Maybe get a few different brands to try and see which ones your prefer. If you are considering cloth diapers (well done!), you can find more information on how many to start with here: Reusable Diapers – a Guide to Cloth and Swim Diapers. I also have a FREE Course on Cloth Diapers for Beginners <- here
  • Wipes: consider cloth wipes if you want to reduce your amount of waste and save some money at the same time. Just buy super cheap cloth diapers on Amazon <- here, wet them with some water and store them in a plastic container. It’s that easy!
  • Diaper Rash Cream: if you are looking for a natural solution, check out the Earth Mama Organics Bottom Balm.
  • Changing Table / Dresser: you might want to get one, but know that you can also get away with putting the changing pad on the bed. We got one for our first daughter, but never used it for our second. It was taking up too much space!
  • 2 Changing Pads: get one for the changing table and one for anywhere else in the house where you might need it. We keep one in the bathroom to put our baby on after the bath.
  • 2 Changing Pad Covers: it’s not nice to place your warm baby on the cold changing pad, so get at least 2 covers (to have a spare change). If you don’t want to buy them or you run out, you can also use a blanket. However, the blanket tends to go everywhere when baby becomes more mobile.
  • Diaper Pail: whether you use cloth or disposable diapers, no one wants smelly diapers around the house or in the normal bin. THEY STINK BAD! We store cloth diapers in a waterproof bag / dry pail, like this one here. Whereas we store disposable diapers in a diaper pail that keeps all the odor sealed in. It’s called the Tommee Tippee Twist and Click Diaper Disposal.
  • Diaper Pail Liners / Bag Refills
  • Diaper Bag: this one is so handy to have for when you are out and about! Diaper bags have all those nice pockets for the bum cream, wipes, bottles, etc.
    I have a bag like this one, and absolutely love it. It also comes with a removable changing pad. I personally prefer one that goes on my back, instead of one that goes over just one shoulder.


If Breastfeeding exclusively:

  • Nursing Pillow: this will help you and baby feel more comfortable while feeding, even if you aren’t nursing! You can get a FREE Nursing Pillow at, by using the promo code MUMINTHEWOODS at checkout.
  • Nipple Cream: hats off if you don’t end up needing one… most moms will experience pain when breastfeeding for the first time. A nipple cream gives immediate relief and helps healing. I used the Madela Lanolin one.
  • 1 Nipple Shield: this is another life savior with regards to sore nipples when breastfeeding. It allows you to keep breastfeeding while protecting your nipples and allowing them to heal.
    I use the Madela Contact Nipple Shield. You only need one, and use it for both breasts if they are both sore.
  • 2-3 Nursing Bras: definitely get at least 2, but would recommend 3-4. They can often get wet from milk leaking from your breasts, particularly during the first months of breastfeeding.
  • Nursing Pads: I would aim for about 30 disposable ones to start with. However, really consider reusable ones – they are so easy to wash! Just make sure you buy good quality ones, so the milk doesn’t go through them. I initially bought some very cheap ones that would be soaked in no time. I used to put 2 on each breast and they were hardly absorbing anything. I then switcher to the Philips Avent ones and they lasted forever!
    You can get 10 FREE Reusable Breast Pads at by using the code MUMINTHEWOODS.
  • 1 Nursing Cover: are you planning on travelling and/or don’t feel comfortable breastfeeding in public? Then get a nursing cover! I used one when travelling from New Zealand to Italy and ended up breastfeeding in Doha …
    You can grab a FREE Nursing Cover at by using the promo code MUMINTHEWOODS.

If bottle feeding (either breastmilk or formula):

  • 6-8 Bottles: get at least 6, so you don’t have to worry about constantly washing or sterilizing them. Particularly when baby is small, they feed very frequently, so you want to have a few around the house. You can also use some to keep your milk in the fridge if you are using a breast pump.
  • Bottle Sterilizer: I highly recommend getting one of these, as they make your life so much easier! We used the Philips Avent Microwave Sterilizer for our first daughter: you just stick it in the microwave for a few minutes and the bottles are ready to go again.

You can buy this Philips Avent Gift Set on Amazon, which includes a sterilizer, bottles and a bottle brush.

  • 1 Bottle Brush (including Nipple / Teat Brush): we use this Nuby Bottle Brush, which includes both.
  • Formula
  • Breast Pump: I have personally only tried a manual breast pump, but then realized I didn’t really need it and kept breastfeeding. However, you may want to consider an electric one if you plan on using it often – makes life so much easier.
  • Milk Storage Bags
  • Bottle Warmer: this is great to warm formula or breast milk. We used the Avent bottle warmer.


  • 100 Bibs: joking about having 100 … am I? You will need lots of bibs, particularly if bottle-feeding. Not to mention when babies start on solids. The more you have the better!
  • 4-6 Burp Cloths: you really want a few of these for the first few weeks. Milk often comes back up, and best if it lands on a burp cloth than on your clothes.

Bath Time

baby bath
  • Baby Bath Tub: also consider a Baby Bather where you can place your baby in, without having to hold them yourself. Bending over the bath tub can become quite hard after a while.
  • 2-3 (Hooded) Towels: lots of people buy nice hooded towels for their babies, and so did we. However, I soon realized I preferred normal towels. Up to you!
    You can get a FREE hooded towel at buy using the coupon code MUMINTHEWOODS at checkout.
  • 2-4 Wash Cloths
  • Baby Body Wash
  • Baby Shampoo: you can wait to buy this one, and first find out if you are going to have a baby with lots of hair or not!
  • Baby Lotion
  • Bath Toys: your baby won’t enjoy these for a while, but they can soon become a good distraction to keep them entertained in the bath or when you are dressing / undressing them.
  • Bath Kneeler / Elbow Saver: bathing a baby and bending over the bath can be extremely strenuous! A Bath Kneeler and an Elbow Saver will make it a much more comfortable experience. Note that the elbow saver might not stay very well in place, depending on the shape of the edge of your bath. We were gifted ones but couldn’t really use in on our bath.
    You can buy a set of both on Amazon <- here.

Personal Care

baby personal care
  • Nail Clippers: baby’s nails grow super fast! Don’t forget to buy these!
  • Vaporizer / Humidifier: these add moisture to the air, making breathing easier when baby has a cold. You have the choice of cool-mist or warm-mist vaporizers. They both work great, though I would recommend a warm-mist one because they are slightly less noisy.
    We use the Vicks Warm Steam Vaporizer, which really helps our daughter sleep at night when congested.
  • Nasal Aspirator: this is perfect to suck mucus out your congested baby to help them breathe better. I used this one from Amazon and was a life savior during the first months of winter when my second daughter was still very small.
  • Safety / First Aid Kit
  • Baby Brush

You can also get a combo grooming and first aid kit with personal grooming tools like a brush, nail clippers, thermometer, medicine dispenser, etc. Check it out on Amazon here.

Out and About

  • 1 Foldable Changing Pad: this can be so handy when you are out and about. I would change my daughters on the grass or on the disgusting baby changing tables in the restaurant toilets.
  • Infant Car Seat: I highly recommend getting one that clicks on a base. That way the base is always in the car, and you just click the car seat in and out. Much easier than trying to put the seat belt around the car seat every time.
    When we were in Italy we used the Graco SnugRide, whereas in New Zealand we used an Evenflo infant car seat. They were both great and could both be fitted on our stroller adapter.
  • Car Seat Canopy: this one can come in handy if your baby is sleeping and you don’t want him/her to wake up with outside noises and lights.
    You can get a FREE Car Seat Canopy at by using the promo code MUMINTHEWOODS at checkout.
  • Stroller: think carefully about the type of stroller you want. Do you like to go for walks on the beach or off-road? Or do you just go for leisurely walks in the city?
    I live close to the beach, so I have the Baby Jogger City Mini GT three-wheels stroller that goes on all type of terrains. My stroller has a clip-in adapter for the car seat, so that I can go for walks with the car-seat on the stroller. I found this feature to be so incredibly handy, particularly when not wanting to wake baby up when moving from the car to the stroller of vice versa.
    It also has a clip-in adapter for the bassinet, which was awesome when baby was very small!
  • Bassinet for the stroller: we used the Baby Jogger Bassinet that could fit on our stroller.
  • Stroller accessories. The list here can be quite long, but here’s some examples:
  • Car Mirror: make sure to buy one that’s got a wide angle. We made the mistake to buy one that doesn’t, and we constantly struggle trying to see baby in the back.
  • Travel Crib
  • Travel Fitted Sheets
  • Baby Carrier / Wrap: I personally loved the wrap for when babies are very small, then preferred to transition to a baby carrier.
    I used the Baby K’Tan for the very first few weeks and love how easy it is to put on. I found it was also perfect for settling my daughters at home when they were upset. The only disadvantage was that it could only fit me and not my wife. So, we also bought a one that both my wife and I could wear.
    If you need to travel, I found the baby carrier much easier to use around planes and airports.
  • Baby Carrier Cover: if it’s very cold, you can buy a cover to put on the carrier. They are also wind and water resistant usually.


  • 2-3 Pacifiers: buy more than one so that you always have an extra one with you in case you loose the first one.
  • Toys: some rattles and a play mat or activity gym. If you want to plan ahead for when they are teething, then also get some teething toys. Sophie La Giraffe is the best!
  • Books: your baby won’t be able to follow you reading a story for a long time, but it’s so nice to start reading some books to your baby from when they are very little.
  • Bouncer: you can not have a baby and not have a bouncer! I used to take my daughters all over the house with me inside the bouncer. It makes life so much easier, as you don’t have to carry baby the whole time. Get one with vibration and music as well, like this one from Fisher-Price. Your baby (and older baby, once you have 2!) will love it!
My oldest covering my youngest with toys in the bouncer

Newborn Baby Checklist Printable

Do you want to get a printable version of the Newborn Baby Checklist above? Then I have one right here for you! Download it, print it, cross out anything that you don’t want, and start checking what you already have and what you still need.

Newborn Baby Checklist Printable

What’s Next?

Once you have your Newborn Baby Checklist Printable ready, it’s time to start organizing your Baby Shower and putting the Baby Registry together.

If you are creating a baby registry, don’t forget to look into the Amazon’s baby registry, which includes a FREE welcome box for parents, as well as a 10% completion discount on items left on your registry (15% off for Prime members).

Also, if you are planning on giving birth at the hospital or a birth center, start thinking about what you need pack for your Hospital Bag! You can also download a Hospital Bag Checklist Printable <- here, which includes anything you need for mom, baby and partner.

All the best mom-to-be, and let me know below if you have any questions! 🙂

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